Close up of chickweed
Medicinal Plant. Stellaria Media. Chickweed. Photo by: Bildagentur-online/Universal Images Group via Getty Images.

Get Ahead of Winter Annual Weeds

The problem with weeds, besides destroying our lawns’ soul, is we often don’t notice them until they have already sprung up. We’re here to help you get a head start on some of those winter annual weeds. Winter annual weeds include some of our favorites (not!) like common chickweed and henbit.

Pat says that he uses a secret weapon for those guys: pre-emergent crabgrass preventer.

“If you put down crabgrass control now, that will prevent weeds (like chickweed) from germinating in September.”

That’s right, you may get a few glances from the employees in your local garden center, but it’s true put down some crabgrass preventer this month!

“Now if you go to a store… you may get questioned by someone in the garden center. They would pat you like you’re a stupid fool they’d go ‘oh sir…that’s really for April and May, let me get you something more appropriate.’ You can say ‘hey listen sucker! I’m going after some winter annuals and I’m putting this down now.’”

No time like the present people, get that crab grass control down and prevent those weeds from your turf.

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