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How to Easily Take Care of a Potted Shamrock

Go the extra mile this St. Patrick's Day and add a shamrock to your festivities, who knows it may bring you good luck!

Photo Credit: Allison Lemons. WIBC.

This time of year you can find small potted shamrocks (Oxalis Regnelli) in any local grocery store or garden center. The three-leaf plant is not just lush and green this time of year, it also blooms sweet little white buds during the day.


Placement and Light

Shamrocks, like many perennial houseplants, need bright indirect light. Usually a few feet from a window with sheer curtains will do. Avoid putting it in direct harsh sunlight.


This hardy plant also does well in 60-70 degrees, so room temperature will be perfect.



The soil needs to be moist. Wait until the top inch or two of the soil is dry before watering. When watering just pour directly at the bottom of the plant.



If you plan on keeping your plant longer than spring you can use a basic houseplant fertilizer (ratio 15-15-15.) SF Gate Home Guides recommends mixing the fertilizer at a rate of ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water.


Come summertime shamrocks do go dormant, at this time you can let them be. They need the rest.  


Up Keep

When watering, you can check for any wilted brown flowers or leaves. If you have any just simply pinch them off, more blooms will follow don’t worry!


Quick Tip: Many people get worried their shamrock is dead at night. The flowers naturally close their leaves around dusk and reopen in the morning.


Now you can sit back and relax on St. Patty’s Day enjoying your shamrock with an ice gold Guinness!

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