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How To Keep Your Faucet Pipes from Freezing this Winter

Watch Denny explain just why you should make sure your hose is unplugged this time of year

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Imagine this: It’s spring time. The air is fresh, the plants are blooming, and the gardening bug has come back. You turn on the hose, but wait? Nothing is coming out! You twist and turn, but alas the faucet has less than a few drips. How will you water your flowers? How will the grass become green once more? You drop to your knees, throw your head back, and shout into the universe “NOOOO.”


Wow. What a harrowing journey, you sure don’t want to be that guy. So how can you make sure you don’t star in this dramatic monologue come May?


Check out how Denny explains the science and more in depth importance of this simple, but important tip!


You hear Denny and Pat both put this at the top of their list when getting ready for winter. If you haven’t done so already, you aren’t too late!


If you decide to leave the hose attached, we won’t stop you. I will say to you rebels though that you’re straining those pipes bad. When you leave the hose attached it doesn’t allow the air and water to come all the way out. Over the winter when it freezes over a couple times it’ll end up expanding and eventually cracking your pipe. This can cause not only damage to your hose and outdoor water system, but could cause leaks in the basement or crawlspace.


The moral of the story: unplug that hose!

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