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How to Prevent Crabgrass in Your Lawn

Now is the perfect time to start preventing stubborn crabgrass from showing up in your yard, learn how

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How to identify 

Crabgrass like actual crabs have many stems, are low to the ground, and tough. You’ll find this annual weed in the hotter areas of your lawn -- by patios, driveways, sidewalks, and areas with lots of sun exposure. 


How to prevent it 

The last two weeks of April is the perfect time to start. When fertilizing your lawn put down Step One Crabgrass Preventer. You’ll only need to one application. 


If you are planting new grass seeds, you will need to use Step One For Seeding.  This is important because if you use the traditional Step One with Crabgrass Preventer it will kill the newly planted grass seeds and keep them from germinating.  


NOTE: Step One For Seeding helps with the crabgrass, but may not be as effective. 


Alternatively, you can use a regular fertilizer like Turf Builder and use a liquid spot treatment for any areas of crabgrass that may come up.


Other Tips You Need To Know

You may be tempted to use Step Two: For Weed Control, but don’t. Step Two is best to use in the fall.

Check our fertilizing program outline 

The reason you should avoid putting weed control fertilizer down in spring is it will only get the early weeds (like those pesky dandelions, as oppose to getting all weeds that will pop up later in the year.) Step Two or Weed ‘n Feed is simply a weed killer, not a preventer.


For weed control in the spring, use spot treatment with a liquid weed killer like Weed B Gon and spray directly on the weed.


Bonus Tip: Mow high in the spring to shade out weeds and/or pre-emerging crabgrass. 


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