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How to Prevent Fungus and Bugs in Your Yard

We have some tips that you can do this week to prevent a gardener’s biggest headache.

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We’ve had a lot of rain here in Indiana the last month. Rain can be great for plants, but it can be too much of a good thing. With that rain comes fungus that pops up in the lawn and pesky bugs, like beetles and grubs.


Here's a few tips and tricks on how to prevent these headaches! 


Prevent Fungus 


Red-thread is a big fungus in the mid-west we start to see in our lawns. The week of June 20th is the perfect time to put down a good fungus preventer, like Broad Spectrum Disease Prevention and Control.  If you start to see some pop up, put some fertilizer down and that should get it out. 



Mulch is a place we forget about, but that area too can get some ugly fungus. Easiest way to prevent that is to aerate. Move and push the mulch around so that moist area can breathe.


Bug Prevention 


Grubs. You may not see them, but they can really affect your lawn if your not careful. Put down some Grub Ex season killer to prevent the bugs from coming up. 


Spray a multi-purpose fungicide over any knock-rose to avoid black spots later this season. This 3 in 1 also will help keep away Japanese Beetles. Don’t be afraid over spraying, you can cover the whole plant and won't hurt.


Slugs love hostas. If you have perennials that may attract the slimy bugs put a ring of slug killer around the plant. They also have organic products to help with this as well.


Protecting Containers 


If the rain continues the way it’s been going, you may consider placing a cover over your containers. Too much rain can really destroy, drench, and cause major rot in your container gardens. Just pop on a plastic cover when storms are about to hit and let the breath when the weather is nicer.   



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