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Up-Keep for Your Home this Winter

Today it’s “official,” Phil the groundhog has predicted another 6 weeks of winter! Living here in the Midwest we’re pretty used to the unpredictable season of winter. So to make sure you keep warm and your house happy we made a little check-list to use that will help you get by these next couple months.


  • Change your air filters. Self-explanatory, but always a good reminder.


  • Try door sweeps to block the air filtration by the doorway. You can always use strips of foam too, whatever will help keep out that draft.


  • Outlet Sealers can be affective in the house. Electrical sockets on our walls can often be sources of hidden drafts, so try to seal these bad boys with an outlet sealer.


  • Seal the edge of leaky windows by using weather stripping tape. After sealing any gaps around your windows you’ll notice the temperature difference.


  • Indoor Window Insulation kits are great for any big  windows that need insulation. The shrink film provides an extra layer between the outside temperatures and your home. Plus they are easy to put on and take off come spring.


  • Insulate exposed plumbing pipes to prevent burst pipes with insulation sleeves. (If temperatures are freezing don't forget to leave those cabinet doors open and the tap left on.


  • Inspect the outside of your house. Check crawlspaces, small holes where mice/birds come may sneak in, and generally any areas where airflow or creatures come in. *If it’s a warmer day, fill in the little gaps around the house by caulking and sealing the air leaks. It’ll make a difference in your house temperature and saves energy costs!


To hear these tips from the man himself, check out Pat Sullivan with WTHR


Stay safe and warm! I'm off to hibernate for the next 6 weeks...

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