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Last Minute Halloween Costumes...Home and Garden Style!

Most people won't get it, but you'll be the coolest kid on the block sporting these Home and Garden Show inspired costumes

Happy Halloween from all of us at Home and Garden! If you are looking for a last minute costume that may be obscure, but will be respected around Indy we have a few costume ideas just for you.


The Denny SmithDenny smith in a red checkered shirt sitting wearing radio headphones

For this you’ll need a classic “picnic tablecloth” shirt. The brighter checkered shirt, the better! Make sure you tuck that into a nicely pressed pair of khaki pants.

For a bonus, add a pair of “harry potter” glasses to complete the more sophisticated side of Denny Smith.


Pat and Denny standing together with fair food smiling The Sullivan      

   Grab a navy blue polo, some khaki shorts, and         add  baseball cap (preferably a Do-It Best hat.) Boom. You instantly become Pat Sullivan.

   Don’t forget to continuously plug your Sullivan Hardware patio furniture and since it’s seasonal be sure to remind everyone that the Sullivan Express tickets go on sale November 1st at 4pm!






Dr. Dirt on Vacation 

Even though Dick has been on vacation for quite some time, we had to include him in the Home and Garden line-up! For this look you’ll need to find a Hawaiian shirt. Tuck that buttoned shirt into a pair of blue jeans and carry around a sack from Good Will. Pop on some sunglasses for that extra “retired” look.

Dick Crum standing by a picture of his younger self


And for our extreme listeners try out Denny’s alter-ego, or maybe his true ego….Colonel Crusty Flapper

Grab a green army colored jacket, a plunger to hold, throw on a tool belt, and a nametag to tell people just who you are. Stand up straight and don’t be afraid to nerd out! ​


Dare to try one of these niche costumes? Send us a picture! We’d be honored.


Photos By: WIBC

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