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In the Lawn, Taking Care of Business

There's a few problems we are all facing with our lawns right now, so come join the support group and learn what you can do

Photo Credit: Getty Images. Deborah Jaffe.  

Can you believe summer is winding down? The state fair has closed up, our kids’ lunches are being packed, and the fun of taking care of our lawns is long gone. 

Even though the yard seems more of an annoyance now, there’s still a few problems you can take care of and start preventing for 2020.


1. Under/over watering your lawn

 It’s hard to really know how much water your lawn needs, it’s even harder to tell if it’s getting the deep water it needs. Whether you use a sprinkler system or a hose, you’ll want to give the lawn an inch of water each week. Avoid shallow roots by grabbing a gauge for your sprinkler system. It works the same as a rain gauge, but is set up sideways to measure the water coming from your sprinkler.


2. Nutsedge

 Even writing this word gives me fury. This nut grass weed is in everyone’s lawns right now! The problem is many generic weed killers won’t get rid of it. If you are dealing with this devil of a weed, try to get your hands on weed killer made specifically for nutsedge. Follow the directions on the label and you should see results quickly.


3. Weeds

In general, killing weeds now and in the fall is surprisingly the best time to do so. Since weeds are starting to move closer to the ground, any weed killer will be able to get down to the roots and kill the weed directly. You may think the same thing happens in spring, but in actuality when you spray weeds in the spring you’re really just burning the tops and not getting down to the problem.


4. Hydrangeas

If you have any blue or pink hydrangeas now is the perfect time to prune. If you prune in spring or even later in fall, you’ll lose a lot of the beautiful color you had this season. In addition to pruning, add some fertilizer and continue watering to keep them healthy for the next month.


Tip: If you have blue hydrangeas, make sure you put down some sulfur when fertilizing to keep up that rich blue color.


If you are having any other lawn or garden problems or questions feel free to send us a message on Facebook or call in during the Home and Garden Show every Saturday, 9am-1pm right here on WIBC.



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