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A Note from Dr. Dirt 1.10.18

A little note from Indy's favorite Master Gardener

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Ole Man Winter got off to a nice warm start with five or six days in a row in the 50's.  Then the bottom fell out and we are in a very deep freeze! So, most people are not thinking about garden, but rather how to brave the cold. 


 Gardens are in pretty good shape with the snow cover.  Those climatic zone 6 plants that have been slowly finding their way into local garden centers and nurseries are in for a real freeze.  (Hope you saved your sales receipt!)  Indy is definitely in zone 5 with winter temperatures that can go as low as -10 to -20 degrees. 


We had those temperatures back 70 years ago when I was growing up on the farm.  And, during the winter is was pretty nice to get in real close when you were milking cows in the barn- they were always nice and warm!


So hang loose, wear a sweater and hold the thermostat down to 67 or 68 to give the furnace a break. And, take it easy on the streets and roads.  Slow down and get there safely. 


P.S You may have missed the train rides on the Sullivan Express, but the model trains are still running at the Sullivan Hardware's.  Kids and adults alike love trains, myself included.  And, while you're there enjoy a bag of popcorn!


Happy New Year,


Dr. Dirt

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