A orange and black fuzzy wooly bear worm. PC: Missouri Department of Conservation

Pat and Denny’s Winter Predictions 2019

Photo By: Missouri Department of Conservation

In case you missed it, Saturday we gave our annual “winter predictions.” We use what some would call “old wives’ tales,” but really its science-based hard facts. Gathering persimmon seeds, measuring wooly bear caterpillars, and tracking snow owls is just some of the research we go over to determine if in fact it will be a harsh winter.

Listen for yourself as Pat, Denny, and producer Allison go over their discoveries!



In summary:


Due to late monarch butterfly migration, an increase in spiders in the home, pigs gathering sticks, and all the other research methods we used…here is the official Home and Garden Show winter predictions for 2019/2020:


  • The worst of it will be in January
  • Above normal precipitation, but below normal snow fall
  • And overall a warmer winter


What are your predictions? Let us know!



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