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Patio Furniture Care for Winter

Avoid spending time and money replacing cushions next spring by following these quick tips


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Wicker or polywood? Bright or neutral cushions? Chairs or a loveseat? There are a lot of decisions (and sometimes money) when it comes to picking patio furniture. Now that fall is in full swing, the cold air and wet evenings are becoming a threat to our beloved summer furniture.


In order to avoid having to buy new cushions next spring, which can cost between 30-35% of the overall furniture price, we have a few tips to help you and your wallet out.


Spray it down

If you invested in rain fabric, you are already set, in fact you can just stop reading… However, if you have “sunbrella fabric” that doesn’t mean it’s waterproof. It helps with fading, but won’t protect your pillows from the rain. If that’s the case, try Rust-oleum’s NeverWet spray. All you have to do is spray your cushions with the clear product and let it dry in the sun for the next few days. That way if you aren’t quite done using your furniture for the season you can still enjoy it without having to worry about moisture damage.


Take it inside

Okay, so this may be obvious, but it’s important. Even if you go the old fashion way and use covers for the winter, still take the cushions inside. Put them in the garage or closet that way little critters won’t have a chance of using your cushions as their winter home.


Now that the cushions are taking care of, what about tables and frames?


Again, an old fashion cover may be the best bet to protect any furniture you leave outside. Good news to any composite furniture owners out there:  you can leave those pieces outside all winter long!


If you have a nice teak table outside, you may start to see the wood fade to grey, but no need to worry. Come spring you can use teak cleaning and oil to bring that beautiful warm tone back.


Any other concerns about your patio furniture this winter? Send us a message!


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