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Preparing Your Lawn and Home for Winter

Winter is coming, let's make it a bit easier on our lawns!

While many of us aren’t personally prepared for the winter months, we need to get our lawn and homes prepared. Here are some quick tips to help you make that transition to winter.



It always feels a bit ridiculous to mow your lawn when it becomes chilly out. However, giving your lawn one last trim will make all the difference for your turf come spring. It’ll help reduce fungus growth when the snow hits. Also, mow a little higher than usual to prevent weed seeds from sprouting and to allow the grass to protect itself better.



Everyone needs fresh air from time to time and so does your lawn! It helps improve drainage and air flow. You can do this with a garden fork or, if you are a professional, break out your special aerator to spike some holes in your yard.


Clear debris

By now, most of the leaves have fallen and you don’t want to let it go to waste. While clearing your yard of leaves and debris, take a small pile to use for compost next spring. Use the brown leaves to help insulate and prevent the compost from becoming too wet. Not only will this make your life easier in the spring, it will also help any impeding drainage and moss from growing.



You can also recycle leaves by grinding them up with your mower and using them to help fertilize. We don’t think of fertilizing our lawns come winter because it seems counterproductive. However, fertilizing has great benefits during the winter months. All the nutrients and the potassium in fertilizer will help the roots of the grass to get ready to survive the harsh temperatures ahead.


Now that we’ve given our lawn the TLC it deserves before winter, Pat has some suggestions for around the outside of your house that you might not think of!


Unhook that hose

You don’t want water to get trapped and freeze. No one needs a broken hose. You might also try putting a cap over it for extra protection.


Inspect home exterior

Inspect the outside of your house for any open holes. If you find any, make sure to close them with caulking so the cold and critters can’t get in!


Don’t cover AC units

Although it might look protective, if you cover your AC unit, it’ll actually trap moisture underneath and become a headache quick.


Clean out gutters and spouts

Ensure water is getting away from the house and that all standing water is taken care of by cleaning out your gutters and spouts. Make sure to do so in a safe manner – careful on those ladders!


Prevent ice damming

If your roof has problematic areas with ice damming, you can actually get a Roof and Gutter De-Icing Kit to address the issue. They are heat cables that run up through your gutters and you hook them up onto the roof. You can turn them on and off as you please and it’ll prevent any future ice damage.


Hopefully, one, if not all, of these tips help you feel a bit more at ease this winter. Your lawn and home will thank you!


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