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Space Heater Safety 101

Staying safe is just as important as staying warm

We all love a good space heater. They are portable, easy, and more importantly oh so warm! However, if you aren’t careful with your toasty friend it could turn on you causing heat damage or worse a fire in your household. Make sure you check our list below to make sure you are being safe while also warm.


Inspect it.

Before using your heater always check for any broken or corroded plugs, cracked bulbs, or any loose wires. If you see any of these go ahead and plan to make a trip to buy a new one. Better safe than terribly sorry!


Check for a tip-over switch.

Most portable heaters today will come with one, but make sure the tip-over switch is on. The point of this safety feature is that if for some reason or another the heater were to tip over the switch will automatically turn it off preventing any heat damage.


Give it some space.

Obviously you want to make sure your heater isn’t placed near water and you certainly don’t want to drape anything on top of it. What you may not know is it’s ideal to place your single-room space heater at least 3 feet away from any rugs, bedding, furniture, window treatments, paper products, etc.

In addition, make sure you place those heaters on a level surface and try to avoid setting it on top of any furniture, cabinets, or carpets.  This will just decrease from what we’ve been trying to avoid; overheating and fires.


Plug Directly into the Wall Outlet.

You might be tempted to use an extension cord or power strip for your heater, but that will increase a chance of any overheating, electrical shocks, and fires. With that said, it is always a good rule to plug your heater directly into a wall outlet that has the sufficient power capacity it’ll need.


Turn if off when it’s not being used.

Our parents always told us to turn things off if they aren’t being used and heaters are no exception. This will prevent any mishaps when you are away, plus it’s just overall a good rule. Check to see if yours comes with a programmable timer!


As with any appliance it’s advised to become familiar with your heater by reading the labels and making sure it’s a certified heater.


Stay safe and toasty! 

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