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Tip of the Week: Weed & Feed, is it time?

We all want our lawns looking nice, lush, and weed-free. This time of year, with the rain and warmer days, early weeds start to pop up all around and quick! Most people’s reaction is to drive to the nearest garden center and pick up Weed & Feed. However, Pat says if you put Weed & Feed down too soon you’ll miss a lot of the later growing weeds come summer.

“If you start putting weed and feed down now (or too early,) which a lot of people do, like right when you see dandelions come up, you’ll miss a TON of weeds that will continue to germinate.”

So when is it a good time? Pat says, generally mid-May is a perfect time.

“Usually mid-May…The problem with Weed and Feed is it is a weed killer, not preventer. So you need to make sure all the weeds are up and germinated and actively growing so you can knock out the majority of them when you put the Weed & Feed down.”

He also notes to make sure the lawn is wet when you apply Weed & Feed. This helps the product’s particles to stick to the weeds.

If the weeds are bothering you right now, try a spot liquid weed killer. Directly spray the weeds with the killer and it’ll take care of it.

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