Close-up of moss growing between sidewalk cracks
Photo: Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

Use Buttermilk To Grow Moss…No Really!

Just when we think Pat Sullivan can’t surprise us anymore…

This week we learned that buttermilk, yes buttermilk, helps grow moss. Believe it or not that’s a factual tip recommended by Pat himself (which is why we had to second-guess at first, that jokester!)

Apparently the acidity of  buttermilk encourages moss to grow.

So, if you love the look of moss on rocks or as a ground cover, this is your chance!

  1. Scrape some moss off the sidewalk/wall or wherever it’s growing. Mix equal parts buttermilk and the moss in a blender until the moss is broken up. You’ll basically get a non-appetizing looking milkshake concoction.
  2. Pack the soil in the areas you want the moss to grow, then pour the paste on top.
  3. Spray the ground with a light mist of water daily to keep the ground damp.
  4. Just like that you’ll start to notice moss growing in within a few weeks.

*NOTE: Spring season is best to try this. 

I guess we’ve learned a few things this week 1) Buttermilk is good for other things than pancakes. 2) Never underestimate the garden knowledge of Pat.

Hear for yourself:


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