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What To Do With That Shaded Ugly Area in Your Yard

Shade can be really nice in the summer, but not so nice for growing grass. Here are some other options to make that muddy sad dirt patch not so bland.

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We love a big tree in the front yard! They can bring gorgeous color in the fall, freshness in the spring, and some nice cool shade in the summer. However, to the grass the shade isn’t as nice.

Grass needs at least a few hours of direct sun each day to get any kind of lasting result. It can be hard to figure out what to do with that space when filling it in with grass seed just isn’t enough.  We have a few options that you might want to try!


Try Grass Seed 


Some may think the moss growing around the tree is killing the grass. Instead, moss is there to fill the void of the empty area. What it really comes down to is the lack of direct sun.


If you want to try to fill in your lawn with grass, they make special seed mix that we would highly recommend using.  Keep in mind that even with the Dense Grass Seed, they need at least three hours of direct light a day to germinate and stay. 


Other tips: Use less fertilizer and water than you usually would. You can also spread a thin layer of compost to boost nutrients. For a better chance of success, don't be afraid to overseed the area.


Ground Cover

Ground cover is a popular solution when it comes to shaded areas. Under trees is a particular great place. Japanese pachysandra, hay-scented ferns, sweet woodruff are a few great options. 


Making the Most of the Shade

Why not turn that ugly muddy patch into a nice little garden?

Grab some of your favorite shade-friendly perennials and display them around your tree. Perennials like hostas, hooper, coral bells, helleborus have beautiful foliage that will freshen up the area. Mix some mulch in the bed and add some weed preventer. A simple garden project that could be done in an afternoon!


Watch Pat Sullivan talk you through the process here



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