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Heroes Of The 500 – May Moments

In the 98 editions of the Indianapolis 500, there have been so many special moments and memories, they are truly too numerous to count.


This year, for our Heroes Of The 500 program, we decided to talk with four different drivers, and have them take us through a famous May moment in their own words.


It was fascinating for me to speak with Danny Sullivan on the 30th anniversary of his 1985 “Spin & Win”, one of the most popular and beloved moments in Brickyard history. Sullivan was gracious with his time in explaining just what caused the spin, and how much the magic moment means to him and to fans.


I truly enjoyed my conversation with Rick Mears about his duel with Michael Andretti during the 1991 “500”. Mears has never gotten enough credit as a tactical driver, and to hear him describe “playing poker” with Andretti was fascinating.


Scott Goodyear was extremely gracious in taking me through a difficult topic, the famous pace-car incident in 1995.


Goodyear explained his reaction to the penalty, and why he didn’t respond to the black flag. Goodyear still disagrees with the penalty 20 years later, and it was an excellent conversation.


And J.R. Hildebrand talked about his unique place in history, having lost the Greatest Spectacle In Racing just a corner away from victory.


Hildebrand had a great answer about his place in Speedway lore, and how the last corner crash happened.


Enjoy Heroes Of The 500, May Moments.

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