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Watch Out For Indy 500 Ticket and Housing Scams!

Don't worry, Director of Consumer Protection Betsy DeNardi has suggestions to help you avoid these scams.

SPEEDWAY, Ind. -- Practice for the 103rd Indy 500 starts Tuesday, and the big race is just a couple weeks away. Director of Consumer Protection Betsy DeNardi is warning you to watch out for scams when buying tickets for the race. 

Scammers will often sell fake tickets during race season, and just about anyone can fall victim to it. 

DeNardi says there are ways to protect yourself. "Purchase the tickets from a trusted vendor or the official website," she says. "So, if you're buying tickets for the Indianapolis 500, go to the Indy500 website to purchase your tickets."

If you have a friend who has already bought their tickets, DeNardi suggests you look at one to compare to the tickets you buy. That way you can tell if yours are official, or not. 

Housing rentals are also hot for scammers during large events. If you're planning to rent an Air BnB to be closer to the race, you should take a second look at the house before paying. 

DeNardi recommends using a website like Google Maps to check that the house you plan to rent really looks the way it's supposed to. 

Whether you're buying tickets for the Indy 500, or renting an Air BnB, DeNardi says you should pay with a credit card.

Using a credit card will help you recover lost money if you're scammed. She says there isn't a way to get your money back if you use cash or wire the money.

If you, or someone you know, have fallen victim to a scam, you can file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General's Office, or call 1-800-382-5516.

(Photo by: Karl Zemlin_IMS)