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Eldon Rasmussen

He started his life and racing career in Canada, and became a Hall of Famer, but Eldon Rasmussen has made Indianapolis home for decades now.

Three-time Indianapolis 500 starter Eldon Rasmussen is perhaps as well-known as a master fabricator, as he is a driver.

Rasmussen started in the last row in all three of his 500 starts, 32nd as a rookie in 1975, 32nd again in 1977, and 33rd in 1979. His best finish in the 500 was 13th in 1977.

At the Brickyard, Rasmussen might be best known for the accident he was involved in with future winner Tom Sneva in 1975. Sneva was attempting lap Rasmussen, but the two touched wheels and Sneva was launched into the catch fence in turn two in an accident that is one of the most spectacular in Speedway history.

Rasmussen competed in 23 races in his IndyCar career, with a top finish of 7th at one of the Ontario Heat Races in 1975. Rasmussen had two 9th place finishes in “500” mile races, one at Pocono in 1974, the other at Ontario in ’75.

Rasmussen has had plenty of influence on the track. He designed and built some of the first wings for the IndyCar and his highly-regarded Indianapolis-based Rasmussen Racing Products has provided critical work on exhausts to IndyCar teams for years.

For his multiple contributions to racing, Rasmussen was named to the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame in 2001.

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