A screen capture shows President Joe Biden delivering a speech in front of an American flag.
Screen Capture: Twitter.

Biden’s ‘Yell-Scream-Whisper’ Speech Style Makes Its Triumphant Return

President Joe Biden is a world-class champion in the arena of public speaking. His heartfelt, passionate, and frequently wandering speeches capture the public’s attention unlike any elected leader who came before him.

Winston Churchill… Martin Luther King, Jr… Mr. Rogers…

All three were extraordinarily gifted in the art of public speaking. Each one was unique. All spoke in a manner that was bold, original, and inspiring.

President Joe Biden, however, is in a class all his own. He is a virtuoso of sound. His mouth is his instrument.

As a certified master in the art of oration, Biden is an ardent believer in the ‘Yell-Scream-Whisper’ technique. This unique style originated in the streets of our American cities that the locals intentionally avoid out of fear for their safety. It comes from the mouths of those who are often homeless, generally prefer bourbon over bottled water, and frequently suffer from schizophrenia.

Observe the president’s poetic symphony of sound in action:

Breathtaking. Emotionally stirring. Difficult to follow.

Cherish this man, America. Cherish him.


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