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Trump Is The Wrong Candidate For 2024

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Off we go!

Former President Donald Trump is back to issuing outlandish statements to the public without really thinking them through, further establishing himself as the wrong candidate for the Republican party in 2024.

On Tuesday, the former president came out in full support of the Nigerian government’s decision to block access to Twitter in the West African country and called on more nations to follow suit.

“Congratulations to the country of Nigeria, who just banned Twitter because they banned their President,” Trump said in his statement.

“More COUNTRIES should ban Twitter and Facebook for not allowing free and open speech—all voices should be heard.

“In the meantime,” Trump continued, “competitors will emerge and take hold. Who are they to dictate good and evil if they themselves are evil? Perhaps I should have done it while I was President. But [Facebook founder Mark] Zuckerberg kept calling me and coming to the White House for dinner telling me how great I was. 2024?”

Now, that’s a lot of words, so let’s clarify what Trump actually meant versus how his statement comes across when you read between the lines.

What Trump Means:

  • “I’m still really ticked off about the 2020 election results and think I should have won.” (We agree)
  • “I’m really ticked off that Twitter and Facebook banned me for reasons that were obviously politically motivated. Facebook and Twitter should be regulated like utility companies. They are modern communication platforms and due to their reach, they have the ability to censor speech in a manner the founders couldn’t envision. That goes against the spirit of the First Amendment. They’re too big and powerful to hide behind the ‘private company’ barrier of accountability.” (We agree)
  • “I’m glad Nigeria stuck it to Facebook and Twitter. It’s about time somebody gave them a taste of their own medicine.” (We agree)
  • “I still think I can win in 2024 by being the exact same Trump I’ve always been.” (Sadly, we completely disagree)

Here’s How Trump’s Statement Reads to Most People:

  • “I’m against censorship  – unless, of course, the entity doing the censorship censors free speech, in which case I fully support censorship, but just in that specific circumstance.”
  • “I’m mad that my foray into social media failed.”
  • “I’m still convinced the election was stolen and believe I will be elected President in 2024.”

The Tragedy In All Of This:

When you evaluate Trump’s time in office from a policy perspective, he’s unquestionably the best president since Ronald Reagan. Up until COVID-19 forced the president’s hand to take certain actions that in retrospect inflicted more harm than yielded benefit, Trump did everything right in terms of domestic and foreign policy.

President Trump brought the country back from the brink of disaster. He reignited an American spirit of optimism that had laid dormant for too long. He put America first and he beat the progressive socialists and mainstream back with a brutality that was simply orgasmic to witness.

Had Donald Trump secured a second term and been given the opportunity to finish the job he started, America’s status as an economically robust superpower – a nation with secure borders, rule of law, energy independence, accountability in public schools, and a strong manufacturing base – would have been securely established for a generation.

Sadly, Donald Trump never evolved. He never matured in his character. He refused to give his thumbs a break from Twitter and took every bit of bait the political left tossed his way. He failed to humble himself as a man and communicate with the press and the public in a manner befitting the office of the presidency.

There are several reasons why Republicans lost the White House in 2024, many of which are tied to an unethical and coordinated effort by the political left to crush Donald Trump and ensure a Biden victory at all costs. But the truth is that in the end, the majority of the blame for Trump’s loss lies with the man himself.

Every man has his flaws. Perhaps Donald Trump is incapable of evolving beyond the person that he is today. That’s a tragedy for the nation that will have lasting, perhaps permanent, consequences for the United States of America.

Whether we can reverse course as a nation and undo the damage of the Biden administration remains to be seen. We’re less than a year into his presidency and the country is unrecognizable from what it was prior to the pandemic. The Democrats are systematically taking a wrecking ball to everything that was achieved under Trump’s leadership in an effort to build their vision of a socialist utopia. It is gut-wrenching to witness and we are powerless to stop it.

2022 and 2024 will be the most important elections of our lifetime. We need strong conservative candidates with broad appeal in order to reestablish dominance – or at least balance – in Washington.

As a man, Donald Trump never had broad appeal. We loved him because of what he represented. He stood for the principles and ideals that our nation was founded upon.

But the Trump train derailed in the wake of the 2020 election, and any chance for redemption in 2024 was destroyed by a handful of far-right extremists on January 6. Such a tragedy, but a reality nonetheless.


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