A blurred image of a woman sitting in her car after being pulled over by a police officer.

WATCH: Woman Goes On Racist Tirade Against Police Officer, “You’ll Never Be White.”

A woman in California went on a racist tirade against a police officer during a traffic stop, calling him a “murderer.”

Bill Melugin, a Fox News reporter, shared body camera video of the encounter on Monday, saying it came from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officer who was involved.

“The speed limit is 40, and I was going 38, so why are you harassing me?” the woman asks the officer.

“I pulled you over because,” the officer begins to say before getting cut off by the woman.

“Because you’re a murderer!” the woman says.  She continues to call him a “murderer” several more times during the stop.

“You can’t be on your cellphone while you’re driving,” the officer continues.

“I wasn’t on my phone. I was recording you because you scared me,” the woman responds.

“And I’m perfectly legal, and I’m a teacher, so there!” she adds.

“Congratulations,” the officer says.

“You’re threatening to kill me and my son,” the woman retorts before calling the officer a “Mexican racist.”

“You’re always gonna be a Mexican. You’ll never be white. You know that, right? You’ll never be white, which is what you really want to be,” the woman says.

Following the interaction, the woman called the Los Angeles Police Department and filed a complaint with internal affairs. The woman has a history of making false complaints against officers, according to Melugin.

Props to the officer for keeping his cool during this interaction. And prayers for the woman’s son. He’s going to need a lot of therapy someday.

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