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Dead Man's Wire: The Kiritsis Crisis

If you missed it live, here's the podcast!

Tuesday, February 8, 1977 started like any other cloudy day in a cold Indiana winter. That changed around 9am when Tony Kiritsis walked in to Meridian Mortgage for a meeting with the company’s president, Dick Hall.

Once behind a closed door Kiritsis pulled a gun and then wired Hall’s neck to a sawed off, double-barreled shotgun.

For the next 63 hours Indianapolis collectively held its breath as the odyssey played itself out live on WIBC and local television stations. Kiritsis shocked onlookers as he paraded his hostage, shotgun to still at his head around the streets of downtown, stole a police car and then holed up at his apartment until Kiritsis’s rambling press conference at the end of the siege.

What happened during those three days changed police methods, media coverage and Dick Hall’s life.

Listen to the special below and then click here to learn more about those three days and what life was like in February of 1977.

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