Rob Kendall Show

The latest on allegations against Brian Bosma. Plus, a farewell to the Brett Kavanaugh disgrace, a Fishers Football coach is forced to go to court, and more!
Todd Young and his refusal to take on Democrats is all that is wrong with government. Plus, Susan Collins nails the disgrace that was the Kavanaugh opposition, Jennifer McCormick says she's tired of the legislature's crap, and more!
A whole show dedicated to the disgraceful treatment of Brett Kavanaugh and the impact whether or not he gets confirmed will have on America.
Rob takes Mike Braun and his terrible campaign to task. The GOP should be completely ashamed of themselves for allowing Brett Kavanaugh to be treated so poorly. Plus, US Senate Candidate Lucy Brenton joins the show. ;
The Governor declares a War on Truckers. Plus, Dr. Jim Snapp on safety in public schools, a shocking theory on who is Lodestar, and much more! /p>
Why Trump won't be brought down by Cohen. Plus, Urban Meyer is totally out of touch, the mixed legacy of John McCain, why Gary Johnson could decide everything, and more!
Are conservatives done with Eric Holcomb? Plus, why you should care about Alex Jones and social media censorship, should public money fund private education, and the fallout of the Jeff Miller resignation.
Social media sites are taking their censorship to a new level with the banning of Alex Jones. Plus, a new tell all book about Pence, what role does Trump play in the midterms, the likely next steps for Curtis Hill's alleged victims, high school football is back, and more!
Rob examines what it takes to be successful in elected office, and why Joe Hogsett is really bad at his job as Mayor of Indianapolis. Plus, Townhall's Lindsay Marie on how a Fourth Amendment case could cause headaches for Brett Kavanaugh, and much more!