Rob Kendall Show

The balance of power at the Supreme Court is on the line with Anthony Kennedy's retirement. Plus, the cost of gas goes up again in Indiana, a tribute to the Founding Fathers, Joe Donnelly's big choice, and much more!
Rob Kendall talks with Duke Economist Dr. Michael Munger about Trump's performance. Plus, Abdul grades Indiana Democrats' chances in 2018, Senator Jim Merritt on the gas tax increasing, Robert Vane on the proposed IPS referendums, and more!
The establishment of the Indiana GOP took it on the chin at State Convention. Plus, Trump prepares to make history, a Brownsburg school teacher gets bullied, Joe Hogsett gets a big fat F, and more!
The liquor lobby scores a big win over liberty and freedom. Plus, crime in Indianapolis is out of control, Trump and Sessions are Grump Old Men, should you be offended by Roseanne, and more!
A landmark Supreme Court ruling could bring sports betting to the Hoosier State. Plus, Braun and Donnelly are neck and neck in first poll, Trump continues to rise, a sports story you won't believe, and so much more!
The Mayor of Indianapolis may be the worst person in the entire world! Plus, a recap of the 2018 Primary, Trump's trip to Indiana, serious problems exist with the Indiana Constitution, and more!
One last chance to hear about the best of the worst in GOP Primaries, as Chris Spangle from We Are Libertarians joins the show. Plus, Eric Berman breaks down possible plans for the I65-I70 split, Hammer and Nigel recall prom memories, and more!
The story of how Abdul-Hakim Shabazz almost ran against Barack Obama for US Senate! Plus, an update on the Marion County Democrat Primary for Sheriff, Rob and Senator Jim Merritt ponder what Mayor Joe did with all the money that was supposed to go for roads, and more!
Rob takes a huge career risk by opening up 30 minutes to two Todd Rokita supporters. Plus, everything else you need to know about the US Senate Primary, including interviews with Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, Senator Jim Merritt, Brian Baker, Carl Brizzi, and more!