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Rob tackles the Avon School Referendum. Plus, Cohen's office gets raided, Zuckerberg heads to Capitol Hill, the 4th Congressional District Primary heats up, and more! /p>
Rob Kendall visits with Congressman Trey Hollingsworth, US Senate candidate Mike Braun, and State Senator Jim Merritt. Plus, a look at what the Colts should do with the 6th pick in the draft, and the fallout from the Pope allegedly saying there is no Hell.
Rob tells you everything you need to know about the US Senate Primary ahead of early voting this week. Plus, why Republicans need Hillary, Robert De Niro is an amazingly awful person, an unbelievable moment at the Masters, and more!
Rob Kendall discusses why state lawmakers are missing the point on special session pay, the GOP's big problem on Omnibus, Rosanne nails why people voted for Trump, and more!
Rob Kendall is joined by Senator Jim Merritt to discuss the dramatic final days of the Indiana Legislative Session. Plus, the gloves are coming off in the 4th District Congressional Primary.
Rob Kendall talks with Carl Brizzi about getting a conviction on Deputy Pickett's killer and Jon Acton on school safety in Indiana. Plus, how Trump could end the Korean War and what's really happening with tariffs.
Rob Kendall celebrates Sunday Sales, and discusses Governor Holcomb standing up for illegals, the hysteria over Trump's comments on guns, Johnny Manziel's second chance, a college baseball coach getting fired over "states' rights" and more!
Could Edwin Jackson's killer go free? What's Mayor Joe doing about Potholeapalooza? Who won the US Senate Debate? These questions and more answered on this week's show!
Rob Kendall discusses Joe Donnelly's controversial comments on Trump voters, previews the US Senate Primary debate, and examines what David Long's retirement will mean for Indiana government.