Rob Kendall Show

A chance for us to laugh together at how ridiculous Indiana's US Senate Primary already is. Plus interviews with Luke Messer, Jim Merritt, and more!
Rob Kendall discusses Todd Young's Twitter inconsistency on sexual assault allegations, tax reform passing the House, talking politics on Thanksgiving, and more!
Rob Kendall interviews John Mellencamp band member Troye Kinnett, and talks Roy Moore scandal, Mike Pence in Indy, rising home prices in Hamilton County, agreement on Sunday Sales, and more!
Rob Kendall talks tax reform, 465 tolling, and bids farewell to Crackers in Broad Ripple. Plus interviews with Jason Hammer on Vegas and Delphi, and Senator Jim Merritt on the opioid crisis.
Rob Kendall discusses a suspended IHSAA official, George W. Bush ripping on President Trump, Megyn Kelly's big failure at NBC, and more!
Rob Kendall talks with Senator Joe Donnelly about tax and healthcare reform, and interviews journalist Laura Loomer on her investigation into the Las Vegas shooting.
Rob Kendall discusses the political world being turned upside down, why the public is fascinated with Weinstein, and interview Representative Mike Braun. p>
Rob Kendall talks "Free Money" from the governor, pays tribute to Tom Petty, and discusses Indiana's confusing consent laws.
Rob Kendall discusses the Indiana GOP's failure at the Trump rally, the president's mistake in Alabama, Obamacare premiums once again on the rise, and more! /p>