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Katz: Capitalism Is Better Than Hillary and Bernie

Hillary Clinton tries to out-hate Bernie Sanders on capitalism. Her ignorance is staggering, and frightening

During the Democratic Presidential debate on CNN, Hillary Clinton tried to out-hate Sen. Bernie Sanders on capitalism. While in the guise of supporting small business owners, Clinton said that government has to "save capitalism from itself" some times, while other times it must curb the "excesses" of capitalism.

The problem? Capitalism doesn't need saving, her emails do. And neither Hillary, nor a single member of her advisory team, nor a single one of her supporters, could ever explain what the "excesses" of capitalism are. Hillary's position isn't just wrong, it's not even a position; it's a meaningless slogan made to endear her to elitists who want to decide for others when they think someone has too much.

From the video:

Capitalism is good. Capitalism saves lives, builds wealth and makes lives better. This is clear. History has proven it. The science is settled. There are no such things as excesses of capitalism. It's not real.

If there is an excess of capitalism, it means somebody out there has to determine what's the right amount to make and, then, what's the excess. And Hillary Clinton thinks she's the person with the moral compass to determine what's enough, and what's excess.

Watch the video, and comment below:

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