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Katz: Carson Is Right On Guns And Reality

Hyperbole is over. Reality is upon us. And Americans want to protect themselves, and their children

Much has been made of presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson's comments about guns, gun rights and the right of Americans to protect themselves and the ones they love. Carson also promoted the idea of teachers being armed in the classroom.

Tony Katz discussed that subject, and received an amazing response. Not only were people seriously discussing the idea, they were doing so without the hyperbole and inane talking points found on far too many cable news shows.

Do we arm teachers? Do we arm parents? Do we use retired or unemployed veterans? Are they just volunteers? Are they paid? What kind of training do they need? Should this be done on a local, state or federal level?

These are just some of the things that got discussed, without any screaming, yelling or hysterics. This is great news to Tony, and great news for America.

America is ready to discuss this idea. Maybe, it's an idea whose time has come.

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