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Georgia Lawmaker Erica Thomas: The New Jussie Smollett

Or "How a Squad-Supporting, Hispanic Democrat was Labeled a White, Racist 'Trumplican'"

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First things first: Georgia lawmaker Erica Thomas is pregnant! Our sincerest congratulations from the entire staff at WIBC and the Tony Katz Show, Erica.

So, what are you having, Erica? Is it going to be a Republican or a Democrat? Oh, you're choosing to wait? Good for you!

Hey, you know that's actually a very healthy approach that can be applied to other areas of your life as well? For example: maybe wait to learn a few facts and process your hormonally-accentuated emotions before going on a tear-infused social media tirade in which you accuse an Hispanic, 'Squad'-supporting Democrat of being a white, racist, Trump supporter! 

Good advice, no? I'll tell you what, you don't get that kind of wisdom in a generic brand fortune cookie from Costco.

Anyway, Erica Thomas is a Georgia lawmaker who can't make up her mind about whether she was the victim of racism, or she's just a liar who turned a checkout lane dispute into a national controversy.

Hey, do you enjoy alleged 'facts' by chance? Well, here's what Erica Thomas SWEARS happened to her one fine Georgia day at a Publix grocery store:

While standing in the "10 items or less" checkout lane, Erica was told by a white man that she should "Go back to where [she] came from!"  Erica was so shaken by the factually-questionable incident that she took to Facebook to lodge a formal complaint to American society (and blame Donald Trump, of course).

Here's Erica's tearful video, courtesy of USA Today: CLICK HERE FOR TEARFUL FUN!

Fun Fact: Erica had "15 or so" items in the "10 items or less" checkout lane, however, Erica notes that she is pregnant.

The More You Know: "10 Items or Less Checkout Lanes" do not include a disclaimer stating that "Pregnant Folk Can Load as Many Damn Items onto Checkout Belt as They Please."

Exciting Erica Thomas Update: After swearing up and down that it was a white man who told her to "go back" to where [she] came from, Thomas is backtracking on her comments after Eric Sparkes, the 'white racist' himself, accused Thomas of faking the story for political purposes. Also, Sparkes is a Cuban American Democrat - not a white Republican - and he claims he was just pissed because Thomas brought so many groceries to the "10 Items or Less" checkout lane.

Here, enjoy another video:

Helpful Detail: Erica had her young daughter with her in the "10 Items of Less" checkout lane. A great example, Erica! Way to teach some good, old-fashioned "abide by the rules when convenient" morality, Mom! 

Fun Fact: Publix is the Southern equivalent of an Indiana Marsh supermarket, which sadly no longer exists (except in our happy childhood memories).

This controversy is a mess and there are a lot of facts we've yet to uncover, but this much we DO know: Erica Thomas can't count for s*** when she's feeling pressured to make a life-altering decision about which checkout lane to enter at Publix.

WIBC host Tony Katz discussed the Erica Thomas controversy Monday morning. Click below to give it a listen!

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