Katz: 'Fools' in Carmel Look to Expand E-Cig Ban, Outlaw All Smoking At Bars


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Katz: 'Fools' in Carmel Look to Expand E-Cig Ban, Outlaw All Smoking At Bars

"Stop Saving Us with Your Nanny State, Helicopter Parenting Crap!"

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City leaders in Carmel are considering an expansion on a proposed e-cigarette ban that would outlaw smoking in all bars. 

The original ordinance was introduced in May to regulate the use of e-cigarettes in "public places" following reports of rampant vaping among Carmel High School students.

During a Finance, Utilities and Rules Committee meeting Monday night, officials discussed adding parks, trails, multi-use paths and school buses to the list of public places covered by the ordinance.

The committee also discussed adding police officers and community service officers to the list of officials eligible to enforce the ordinance, and creating a "comprehensive smoke-free policy" by revoking smoking ban exemptions from bars and private clubs."

E-cigarette use among high school students increased 78% between 2018 and 2019, according to data from the American Lung Association, and the number of Carmel high school students who vape has continued to rise.

Tuesday morning, WIBC host Tony Katz tore into Carmel officials who support the ban.


"Forgive me; this is going to be unkind. The fools in charge, and yes, I call you 'fools.' If high school students are vaping, well, then high school students need to be dealt with. I don't care if you expel the high school students for vaping, they're high school students. Sorry guys, you have no rights; you're students. You don't get to vape; you don't get free speech - not in high school. And you sure as hell don't get to leave school to participate in some kind of nonsense protest.

But now the Finance, Utilities and Rules Committee wants to expand the ban on vaping because high school students are doing it. What if an adult wants to do it? Because there is a difference between an adult and a high school student, you nanny state fools. No one is interested in your lecturing! No one is interested in your helicopter parenting crap! Stop saving us!"

Click the link below to hear Tony's full commentary.

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