A prostitute stands in a police line-up with a photograph of her favorite WIBC radio host, Tony Katz.

Katz: Here’s Why Prostitution Should Be Legal

Is it time for America to finally take legislative steps to legalize prostitution? WIBC host Tony Katz thinks so, and so do many other people on the conservative right.

The New York Post recently published an article with the following headline: Sexy Cam Girls Will Keep Senior Citizens Company.

The piece deals with the subject of a webcam portal that is “looking to offer the elderly happy endings with cam girl models — but happy endings of different XXXpectations.”

The company, ImLive, is an adult content site that traditionally offers “sexual and nonsexual webcam experiences,” and they’ve just launched an initiative to “offer free, and G-rated, one-on-one sessions between models and senior citizens still under coronavirus-related lockdowns in assisted-living facilities.”

While it’s not explicitly stated, the service likely assumes that grandma has already gone to be with Jesus. Otherwise, grandpa is in for an a** whooping when nana finds out what her dirty husband has been up to.

“They’re going to remain clothed,” said Adrian Stoneman, ImLive’s 45-year-old vice president of business, of the cam models told the New York Post. “The idea is for them to act like a friend or companion . . . the idea is not sexual at all.”

Editor’s Note: Okay…

New York Post:

For this new service, either nursing facilities or their residents can reach out to ImLive and, after the company verifies the facility, it sends out links and schedules for participants to sign up. This service includes certain site enhancements, like larger font sizes and icons, for senior-friendly use.

WIBC host Tony Katz has no plans at this time to purchase a subscription to the service for the senior in his life; however, the article provided an appropriate segway into a far more controversial topic: offering ladies of the night as a fully-licensed and legal service available to paying customers everywhere!


“The human condition does not well suit itself to loneliness. The concept of touch is extremely important. I’m not trying to be gross or explicit; I’m talking about touch in all the ways in which it can apply. There’s a reason that babies out of the womb know how to grasp. There is a purpose and a science to this, which is that the baby knows that it has to be connected to you for survival and it needs that connection. There is nothing more horrific you can do to somebody than solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is torture.

“The reason I mention this in the context of prostitution is that you cannot deny that some people just don’t feel comfortable around others and who will never find someone after a certain age who is going to want to be with them. That’s just never going to happen. And the idea that we should relegate somebody to a life of loneliness is more than I can bear.

“I’m not talking about child sex trafficking – that’s Jeffrey Epstein-level depravity of the most horrific kind. I’m talking about two consenting adults engaged in contract. I think it’s wrong to tell people that they have to live a life of loneliness because they have certain physical abnormalities or don’t conform to certain social norms that make them compatible with traditional relationships.” 

It’s a solid argument. What do you think about the idea?


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