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Dana Perino of Fox News in-Studio with WIBC host Tony Katz

Perino: "Indiana is the state to watch on election night."

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Dana Perino of Fox News joined WIBC host Tony Katz in-studio on Wednesday afternoon to talk about the mid-term elections, her time as a press secretary and much more.

On Coming to the Hoosier State to Cover Election:

"This is going to be the state to watch on election night. Of all the Senate races that are close, this one is the closest."

On The Kavanaugh Effect:

"Was there a Kavanaugh effect? I think there's no doubt. In talking to people and covering the election race, they say there was a definite change in momentum for the Republicans coming together.

...Has the Kavanaugh effect worn off? I don't know, although you certainly see that in certain areas across the country - not in the Senate races, but in the House races for sure."

On The Impact of Healthcare in The Mid-Term Election:

"I have several friends who are Democrats and they frequently appear on the 'Daily Briefing.' I asked them what they are focused on, and from the beginning, they said 'healthcare' - not because they want to stick it to Republicans, but because it is the number one issue across every state. Healthcare is still the number one issue."

On Democrats Motivating New Voters:

"One thing Democrats have done really well on is with the registration of new voters. If you register a new voter, that voter is 99% likely to vote in the next election. Republicans are running a deficit when it comes to registering new voters, they're just not doing a good job on that front."

Click the link below to hear Tony's full interview with Dana Perino:

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