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Enough! The Pete Buttigieg Gay Jokes Need to Stop

Katz: "I'm not interested. I'll talk about the policies; I'll talk about the race."

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WIBC host Tony Katz has had enough of conservatives using Pete Buttigieg's sexuality as a point of attack rather than going after the South Bend Mayor on a policy level. Specifically, Katz is sick of the tasteless 'gay jokes.'


"Don't tweet me the stuff, don't send it to me on Facebook, I'm not interested.

Pete Buttigieg is gay, and there are people on the left saying he's not gay enough. What they mean is that they don't think he's outspoken enough, he's too easy-going, or he's not confrontation enough. Nonsense. 

Too gay, not gay enough, stop it. If the left wants to eat their own on this, have at it.

That brings us to number two: If you want to talk to me about Pete Buttigieg, that's fine. If you wanna make some ridiculous, crass, nonsense joke about his last name and people focussing on the B.U.T.T., don't send me those tweets. Don't be that person. They're making gay sex jokes.

I'll talk about his policies, I'll talk about how he's running his campaign. You want somebody to joke about that stuff? Not interested, I'm not your guy."

Click the link below to hear Tony's full commentary:

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