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Go Ahead; Make Granny's Day

Second Amendment Success Story: Eagle Eye Granny

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Put another check in the "win" column for "grannies with guns!" 

In Leavenworth, Kansas, a 74-year old woman shot and killed an intruder in her home, and will not be facing any charges according to authorities.

The shooting occurred a week ago. The 41-year-old male suspect, Ralph Byrd Jr., entered the home of an elderly woman, whom police have not named in reports. In defense of herself and her property, she shot and killed the intruder, using a handgun she’d purchased only a week before. She fired one shot. 

That's right; eagle-eye Granny brought him down with ONE SHOT! 

The poor gal suffered a heart attack in the wake of the event and is currently recovering, but we're taking her to the carnival to try her luck at shooting tin ducks when she's back on her feet!

Just a week before this incident in nearby Independence Kansas, an intruder was shot but not killed (sadly) by another homeowner who will not face charges.

The lesson: Don't screw with the elderly!

WIBC host Tony Katz has more in today's Second Amendment Success Story: Eagle Eye Granny.

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