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Indianapolis City-County Council And The War on Cars

Katz: City Has Fallen into The Hands of People with a SJW Agenda

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The city of Indianapolis has fallen into the hands of people who have no vision for the future, but they have a social justice agenda. 

Last week, WIBC host Tony Katz discussed the antics of Indy city-county councilman Zach Adamson - the kind of guy who blocks traffic to engage protests. Yes, he's an elected representative, charged with working to make our city a better place, and he actively engages in social justice nonsense.

For reference, Adamson is the one who moved to lower the speed limit in downtown Indianapolis, but he's not the only council member declaring war on commuters, business owners, and anyone who chooses to utilize a car downtown. The council also increased the times for parking meters in the city and eliminated "right on red" at several intersections.

WIBC Tony Katz lamented the lack of leadership in our city during his Tuesday broadcast:

"I moved to Indianapolis; there was this future; people were thinking; there were a lot of good things going. Where has all that gone? It's an ideological city council. There is no vision; there is no leadership; there is no plan for the future. They don't have it. 

What you have are these attacks on driving. And I believe this is all about social engineering to get people to use the Red Line."

Car and Driver magazine recently published an article that addresses the 'war on cars' in cities across the country, but there is no solace in the understanding that Indianapolis is one of many cities engaged in social justice engineering. 

Click the link below to hear Tony's full commentary:

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