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Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett Attacks the NRA To Attack GOP Hopeful Jim Merritt

"If Mayor Hogsett attacked potholes the way he attacks the NRA, Indianapolis would have the best roads in America!" - Tony Katz

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Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett used a Marion County meeting of Democrats to attack presumptive GOP mayoral candidate Jim Merritt. Mayor Hogsett called out Merritt, currently a state senator, for his past support of RFRA and for his support of the NRA.

Hogsett continued the NRA hate, saying that Merritt gets his "marching orders" from the NRA. This is all strange to morning host Tony Katz, who noted that the NRA Convention will be held in Indianapolis in April. He also noted that the convention is expected to bring in $55 million to the city.

Why is Mayor Hogsett attacking a group that is going to help enrich the people who work in Indy? Is that how you bring people together and grow a city? And what makes Mayor Hogsett think that lawful gun ownership is out of step with Marion County values. Take a look at the legislation passing in the INdiana General Assembly, which would allow teachers to get firearms training?


The only person out of step here is Mayor Joe Hogsett.

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