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Katz: The Blue Wave That Never Was

But 2020 Still Came Sooner than Expected

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Democrats have been promising a blue wave for months, and while Election Day failed to deliver all of the left's promises, WIBC host Tony Katz acknowledges that 2020 still came sooner than expected.


"2020 has come early. 2020 is here. There are a lot of Republicans who are going to have to look at where the losses came and evaluate. And it shouldn't be denied that they did well. They picked up a few Governor's mansions. They regained a majority in the House.

But here's what I believe is the key takeaway: the left always overplays their hand. They did well, but they overplayed their hand in a lot of these races... and they lost a lot of high profile races."

Click the link below to hear Tony's full commentary:

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