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KATZ: Is Carmel Promoting Wealth Redistribution? **UPDATED**

The City Council voted unanimously to reduce citywide emissions. But who wrote the resolution?

As reported by the IndyStar, the Carmel City Council voted unanimously to reduce citywide emissions.

But, as WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz noticed, one of the groups that helped write the resolution, Earth Charter Indiana, believes in wealth redistribution. What does wealth redistribution have to do with climate? Is this what the City of Carmel believes? And have they investigated how wealth redistribution happens?


Carmel City Councilor Jeff Worrell said he is unaware of any association with Earth Charter Indiana:

UPDATE - According to Councilor Worrell's Facebook page, the Indy Star's reporting on Earth Charter Indiana was a "misunderstanding:"

SECOND UPDATE - While Councilor Worrell says he had no contact with Earth Charter Indiana, he did state that he worked with the Carmel Promise Project out of Carmel High School: 

The Promise Project is part of Youth Power Indiana, which clearly states it is a program of Earth Charter Indiana. The director of Youth Power Indiana is Jim Poyser. According to his bio on TedX, Jim, "...recently left his longtime Managing Editor position at NUVO and Editor position at Indiana Living Green, to pursue eco-activism on a full time basis."

The Carmel Green Initiative, which is also mentioned by the IndyStar as having a role in creating the resolution, " a youth-led program for kids, ages 8-18, who want to do something big about climate change. Kids will learn about their city government, meet their city councilors and (Carmel, Indiana) Mayor (Jim) Brainard, discover how their voices can be heard in our community, and learn how to work together to create lasting change. Kids will also discover that even as kids, they have power and can still be heard."

Mayor Brainard served on President Barack Obama's task force to advise the White House on local communities and climate change. 

The Carmel Green Initiative, "... was started by 17-year-old Maddie Adkins, with support from Jim Poyser of Youth Power Indiana and Leslie Webb of Carmel Green Initiative.

Jim Poyser is currently the Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana.

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