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Katz: Jimmy Kimmel is Hollywood's Cuck

(Photo Credit/ Frederick Brown/Getty Images)

"Jimmy Kimmel is Hollywood's cuck," according to WIBC host Tony Katz.

As the ABC late-night host prepares to host this weekend's Oscars ceremony, Kimmel says he will address the #metoo movement in his opening monologue Sunday night.

But while Hollywood the much of the #metoo movement was born out of revelations of sexual misconduct right there in Tinseltown, Kimmel says has no plans to discuss the sexual perversion issues in the entertainment industry. No, rather than seize the moment and take the opportunity to affect meaningful change in his industry, Kimmel will instead focus on President Donald Trump.

Tony Katz takes on Kimmel's cowardice in the following video:

Just want to listen? Click below:

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