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Taylor Swift Unintentionally Demonstrates the Beauty of Capitalism

Singer Slammed for Exorbitant Ticket Prices; Fans Not Buying

(photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

As reported by the New York Post, pop music sensation Taylor Swift is charging as much as $500 for tickets to her upcoming concerts on her "Reputation" tour. Unfortunately for Swift, fans are not buying.

WIBC host Tony Katz thinks this a great lesson for 'Swifties' on how the free market really works.


"So in venues all across the country, there are no sell outs. There are tickets in the hundreds and the thousands available all across the country. And what Taylor Swift has done, whether she knows it or not, is taught the kids about capitalism. Right? There is supply and demand, and there's a certain price that you can put out there, and not everybody is going to be willing to pay that price.

...[the fans] are Swifties, right? But they don't have the cashy. You see the issue? They want to go, but they're not spending $500 dollars to go."

Click below to see Tony's full commentary:

Just need the audio? Click below:

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