Trump and Kim: You Get More Flies With Honey, But You Also Need A Flyswatter


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Trump and Kim: You Get More Flies With Honey, But You Also Need A Flyswatter

The meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un in North Korea has people asking what does it mean? Tony Katz gives his first thoughts.

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As you know by now, President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the DMZ separating North and South Korea. After a handshake, President Trump crossed over the demarcation line, joining Kim in North Korea and becoming the first sitting US president to ever enter the country.

Much has been made of the historic moment, the photo op that included Trump, Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the 90 minute conversation that took place afterward in South Korea between Trump and Kim. Tony Katz took to his Facebook page to give his first thoughts.

On Trump and the meeting with Kim Jong-un:

I've been going over how I feel about it. Certainly, that we have lived to see the day an American president crossed the demarcation line in the DMZ and entered North Korea is amazing. It really is.

And Trump may be legacy shopping, but he is at least focused on a legacy that most Americans agree on: North Korea should not have nuclear weapons, and the world is better off with them not having nuclear weapons.

Will it be effective? Maybe. But I have not changed my view that, in the end, there will need to be some type of military action to get North Korea to live up to their agreements (or to remind them that they can't have a nuclear weapon and no one gives a damn what they think.)

I opposed the first summit as I wanted more concessions from North Korea before giving them such a stage, but I did not fault Trump for trying it. I opposed the second summit because North Korea did not fulfill the list of agreed to items from the first summit. I still stand by that.

This meeting? Trump was close (geographically) and thought, "Hey, what the hell! Maybe he's in town and he'd like to get coffee." It shows Trump as a guy who is trying; Trying to get to a viable peace. Trying to get through to Kim. Trying to end his nuclear capabilities without having to bomb him into it (which he or another president will have to do, eventually.)

The meeting also shows Trump normalizing a brutal, murderous dictator who should be shown a jail cell for the rest of his days. We can never forget what Kim Jong-un is; a vicious thug who terrorizes his people and throws them to dogs to be eaten alive.

My inclination is to be supportive of President Trump; to see where it goes. If the old way got the world nowhere, why not try a new way? I think that's where most of his supporters are, and I think a majority of 'on the fence' Americans will go that way as well.

We are all better off with a non-nuclear North Korea, and I wish the president the very best on that front. I just hope he knows that, in the end, he's gonna have to get rough with Kim. People will die, and the collateral damage will total well more than 150.

And while President Trump calls him friend, and calls the relationship excellent, I have to hope (and I do believe) that Trump knows who he is and knows what he is. But President Trump has a way, and that way is to love someone up if he wants to make a deal with them.

Flies and honey, you know. It really does work. But you still need a flyswatter every now and again. I hope President Trump knows that, too.

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