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Obama Is The New Face Of Failure

When it comes to Obamacare, we can talk about how the website doesn't work. It hasn't worked since it's "start" date on October 1st, and it won't work by the end of November, when we were told that it would definitely work. We can talk about how millions of people have been dropped from their insurance, while a grand total of 106,000 people signed up for healthcare via the state and federal exchanges. We can talk about the massive premium increases on people who got shafted by Obamacare, while elected officials and bought and paid for PR firms (see, MSNBC and Daily Kos) tell us repeatedly that people who lost their insurance are better off because those insurance plans were awful. (How do they know that? Well, they know everything! Duh!)

Yes, there are many ways to talk about Obamacare. But there is only one way to talk about President Obama, and that is as a failure. From his lies about being able to keep your plan and keep your doctors (only the New York Times editorial board think it was an incomplete promise. That doesn't fly in Indiana, or the rest of planet Earth.) to his lies about lowering healthcare costs to his lies about it being easy to buy insurance via these new exchanges; President Obama is the new face of failure in America.

Presidents who are lucky enough to enjoy a second term have only one mission - secure their legacy. President Obama whethered every storm in his first term. He got Obamacare passed. He got Dodd-Frank passed. He changed the government's view on gay marriage, and on gays in the military. He worked with Congress (when Democrats were in charge.) When he couldn't work with Congress, he worked around them. When he couldn't work around them, he berated them (including Rep. Paul Ryan and the entire Supreme Court.)

But now, one year into his second term, the legacy of being a transformative president is gone. His legacy is one of failure. A failure to make his signature legislation work. A failure to protect the rights of Americans (just ask those assaulted by the IRS and spied on by the NSA.) A failure to save lives (between Fast and Furious and Benghazi, President Obama has quite a body count.) A failure to stop the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet (though, in honesty, that would be tough for most anyone.)

Yes. President Obama is now the face of failure. Unfortunately, we all have to suffer through it.

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