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Adam Schiff Thinks Robert Mueller Has Not Done Enough

Popcorn Moment: February 11, 2019

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is frustrated with the extent to which special counsel Robert Mueller has probed President Donald Trump's dealings with Deutsche Bank. 

During an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," Rep. Schiff cited reporting that Trump had once sought to fire Mueller over reports that investigators had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, but that the president backed down after being told the claims were inaccurate.

"The president has wanted to draw a red line and say, 'You can’t look at my business.' But if the president’s business is trying to curry favor with the Kremlin, we can’t ignore that," Schiff said. "And the president should not be in a position to say, 'You can’t investigate certain things, only other things that I don’t care as much about.'"

"If Mueller is not looking into this, and I don’t know whether he is, someone needs to because otherwise, we are being derelict with our security," he added.

In today's Popcorn Moment, WIBC host Tony Katz responds to Schiff's obsession with getting Trump, as well as the shifting narrative surrounding investigations into the President.

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