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Face It, You Miss George W. Bush

Former President Weighs In On Russia, Media, And War On Terror

Former President George W. Bush provided his usual candidness and directness during an interview with Today Show host Matt Lauer.  Bush talked Trump – as in whether a special prosecutor should investigate the Administration’s ties to Russia – and even lightly skewed the media over its lack of relevancy in the present.

WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz said what everyone was thinking – it’s good to hear from “W.”

Tell me you don’t miss him.  By the way, same guy from 2000 – 2008, when half of America said he was the dumbest person to ever live, and when half of America said he was the worst human being ever. 

They always say the person they don’t like is the worst human being ever.

You miss him.

Tony’s commentary is posted:  

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