South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg delivers comments at a rally. Buttigieg Claims That Trump Supporters Tolerate Racism.

Increasingly Desperate Buttigieg Claims Trump Supporters Tolerate Racism

(Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

South Bend Mayor and 2020 Democrat candidate for President Pete Buttigieg is doubling down on assertions that Trump supporters overlook racism for the sake of a stable and growing economy.

During a recent television appearance in New Hampshire, Buttigieg clarified that conservatives who back Trump aren’t necessarily supporting him “because of racism, but in spite of it.”

Buttigieg: “[Trump’s argument up to now has basically been that supporters should tolerate the chaos, tolerate the racial remarks, tolerate the bad example for your children because I’m delivering for you economically.”

That view, according to Buttigieg, “cheapens the moral character of the Presidency.”

WIBC host Tony Katz offered commentary on Mayor Buttigieg’s latest comments in Tuesday’s edition of the Popcorn Moment.


“To support government largess and then discuss morality is hilarious. 

The person or parent who walks into the polling place is thinking about their jobs, their kid’s job, and their life. They’re thinking about their future and the life ahead. They’re thinking about the future of the country and its security. They’re thinking about all the threats that exist all around them, and they’re thinking about the Supreme Court, and they want to be able to protect themselves against the challenges that exist all around them. 

Who gives them the opportunity to live their life, to allow the country to survive, and to keep what they earn? 

You can vote for all that, or you can vote for someone else because every once in awhile, Trump says something that makes you want to puke.”

Click the link below to hear Tony’s full commentary.


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