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Katz: Failure to Prosecute Huma Abedin Is Indefensible

Is Clinton Aide Guilty of Criminal Mishandling of Classified Material?

In statements before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey revealed that Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Adedin regularly forwarded classified information to her spouse, former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Weiner's possession of the emails prompted Comey to announce - just 11 days before the election - the FBI was reopening its investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server. Clinton claims that decision cost her the presidential election.

According to WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz, while the intent of Comey's appearance was to explain why he took that action at the risk of interfering in an election, the larger question that Americans should demand an answer to is this: If Huma Abedin regularly forwarded classified information to someone who did not have security clearance, why has the justice department failed to file criminal charges against her?

How is this not jail worthy? You have clear evidence of criminal mishandling of classified information. Is this no longer a crime?

Hear more of Tony's insightful commentary below:


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