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Katz: Neil Gorsuch Will Get Confirmed

The American Left Is Desperate In Stirring Up Any Kind Of Controversy Before His Confirmation

Neil Gorsuch displayed the poise of a Supreme Court justice during the first day of his Senate confirmation hearings.  During his opening statement, Gorsuch gracefully laid out the difference between disagreeing with a fellow justice as opposed to being disagreeable.

Still, the left is grasping at straws in opposing Gorsuch, and WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz confirmed their arguments as desperate:

What’s the best the American left has – the very best?  Something he said about the manipulation of maternity leave, and the person [the accusation comes from ] has multiple ties to the American left and to the Democratic Party. 

The attempt is so lame to try and take him down, and it’s absolutely backfired, and it’s going to even further bring people to the idea that ‘yeah we’re going to vote for him, then we’re going to move on with our day.  What else are we going to do?  We can’t fight this and we can’t win this.  So all right, let’s move on to the next one.’

Tony’s commentary is posted:

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