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MSNBC's Scarborough Compares Trump to Hitler (Again)

Popcorn Moment: February 14, 2019

(Rob Kim/Getty Images)

MSNBC's Morning Joe, hosted by Joe Scarborough and a blond lady who adds nothing of intellectual value to the show, took time out of Tuesday program to compare President Trump to Adolf Hitler... again. 

Scarborough then called Republicans hypocrites for blasting Democratic Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic tweets, to which the blond lady replied, "Yep."

Editor's note: GREAT stuff, Mika.

Referencing Trump's El Paso rally, MSNBC political commentator Mike Barnicle said that the wall was, "a metaphor for Donald Trump's Presidency" and a symbol of hate and fear.  Scarborough replied, "It's about the brown people that Donald Trump thinks do not belong in America." 

WIBC host Tony Katz responds to Scarborough and the blond in today's Popcorn Moment:

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