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#Popcorn Moment: CNN Anchor Admits No One Cares About Russia

'Russia is all we talk about, but no one cares.'

CNN political reporter Maeve Reston acknowledged her network’s obsession with Russian collusion Sunday, adding that the majority of the voting public simply doesn’t care about the “Russiagate” conspiracy.

Reston was discussing voter sentiment with CNN’s White House Correspondent Sara Murray on Sunday’s ‘Inside Politics’ show when she made the surprising on-air remark.

“I’m so interested to see how the Russia investigation affects things, because so far, out in these districts when you talk to people about Russia, and that’s all we talk about at CNN basically, they say they don’t care,” Reston said.

WIBC host Tony Katz discussed Reston's comments and her network's fetish for all things Russia in today's Popcorn Moment. Click below to check it out:

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